Writing for Drama

Storytelling and developing narrative ability are the corner stones of Kathleen Beedles craft. Kathleen runs 'Story, Script, Action!' - training and development days aimed at writers keen to develop their craft. Participants are taught about the bones of a storyline, how to inject character and how to structure a plot to incorporate the main themes of the tale being told. Kathleen's in-depth experience in creating successful continuing drama both in the UK and overseas gives writers the chance to learn from her abilities, experience and knowledge of creating a storyline, in order to further their careers and develop their understanding of the creative structure of writing. 

Story, Script, Action! gives writers the opportunity to learn from a leading industry light about the role of the writer in continuing drama, how to craft a storyline and how to develop professional confidence in their written work. An advocate for the writers' voice, the courses Kathleen runs are centred on creativity, structure and the merits of working together in a writing team.

Script Analysis

Story, Script, Action! also offers clear and insightful feedback for writers via the Script Consultancy service. An objective and industry-standard appraisal of scripts is given by Kathleen. Before any writer shows their script to a Production Company, Producer or Competition Entry Panel, the potential within it will have been examined and maximised by the Story, Script, Action! process and Kathleens passionate personal attention to advocating for the writer. Access to the Story, Script, Action! Facebook group is also given, where writers can talk amongst themselves about the trials and tribulations of the writing process.

Prices start at £50 plus VAT for a treatment, and £90 plus VAT for a 30 min script. Longer scripts, hot housing, mentoring and a Development Package are also available; price on request.

Please register for further details and to discuss what best suits your motivation. With over 15 years experience in some of the most successful continuing drama series on television, Kathleen shares her knowledge, passion and understanding of the creative process to take your writing to the next level.

Storylining Continuing Drama Programme

What keeps you on the edge of your seat? What makes a show so compelling and popular?

The success of Continuing Drama isn’t just down to popular characters or strong story ideas, but in creating compelling narrative drive in the storytelling.

The ability to turn story ideas into endless “what if this happens next…?” keeps long running shows at the top of the ratings, and is a craft that has under pinned the careers of successful Script Editors, Writers, Producers and Commissioners.

The craft of narrative storylining has been the backbone of Kathleen's career over many episodes of returning dramas. 

The Storylining Continuing Drama Programme is a practical process where you will join other writers in storylining a fictional soap, write a storyline and then receive a personal edit from me the following week.

What you experience and learn through this process will help in pitching, writing treatments, how to lose the fear of the blank page, writing on demand and to short deadlines, how to generate endless ideas, how to think on your feet quickly with fellow writers, and, most importantly of all, how to truly understand pure story beats and hooky narrative turning points.

Register here for further details of the full-day workshops. The workshops are run with other writers and include a personal one-on-one edit of a storyline you write after the course with Kathleen, a PDF booklet with writing tips and insights from an insiders perspective and access to the Story, Script, Action! forum.

Cost £150 plus VAT.

Gift Vouchers Available

Story, Script, Action! Gift Vouchers are available to give to your friends, family and loved ones.

There’s no better way to show your support of someone’s dream to write or to advance their career than by investing in the development of their talent.

You can purchase a place on one of our workshops or a script consultancy, and I will post you a luxury gift certificate that you can personalise for your recipient.

Please note…

It is very common for similarities of subjects or ideas to pop up across different writer’s projects. Story Script Action gets many submissions and these similarities are likely to coincidentally occur. Should this happen, or should material similar to yours be developed or produced at a later date, we cannot compensate you. It is worth checking out the following links for advice on copyright in the UK: www.copyrightservice.co.uk