What drives you?

A love for and understanding of story, and exploring the wonderful complexities of people and life.  Writing is a journey of discovery of truth and of finding a voice. I look for mine in everything I write, and I can help you find yours too. I develop ‘storyability’ - storytelling in the practical world of television production.

What is storability?

Storyability is the process of developing multi-stranded story lines, incorporating the art of storytelling with the craft of television production. Storyability is keeping the craft of strong storytelling central to the intense world of television production. My strengths work in knowing what systems are needed to get the best out of the editorial process, keeping the creative process nurtured and efficient. The strongest storytelling at the highest volume, in a sustainable process that can run for years. 

How would you describe your role in developing television drama for success?

I am a writer first and foremost, cursed with the ability to understand the production process! This means that my authored writing and understanding of the craft of television production segue neatly to nurture the creative currency of both my writing and that of other writers in the team. Today's television needs writers who are confident working in teams to produce multiple ideas and storyline, and my skills lend themselves to nurturing writers in a positive way to get the best out of them. My feet are in two camps, firmly planted but occasionally shifting.

Write or rewrite?

Always write. Then always rewrite! The development of a storyline is a creative and crafted process leading to the end result of a gripping, audience-approved drama. Writing for drama can be a tough gig, but it can also be the most rewarding day in the office there is. As a writer, seeing my own story lines grow over time is a hugely rewarding thing. Understanding the process that allows the story to develop at a pace that is intertwined with the other story strands amounts to storyability - the art and craft of writing for drama.